The history of Macalester radio starts long before the FM years. Formerly WBOM, the station was off the air from 1955-1961 because of a "campus space shortage." When space and interest opened up in 1961, KMAC went on the air at 550 AM, broadcasting from a vacated classroom in the student union, playing mainly folk and jazz from noon to midnight seven days a week. KMAC was carried into Macalester dormitories through wiring in the walls.

This state of affairs continued through the sixties and into the seventies, with the station building up a collection of records, equipment, and notoriety - at least on campus. In 1967 the radio station had 62 students on staff, a significant number for a school of only about 1600. WMCN got FCC approval to build an FM studio in 1978 with money obtained through Macalester's "community council" and other on campus organizations that were sympathetic to the cause. The Macalester administration provided no funds.

WMCN 91.7 FM, went on the air on October 6, 1979 at 10 PM with a "Switch Hitter's Ball" featuring three bands (Hypstrz, Mutuals, Jinx) broadcast from the union in celebration. Initially broadcasting 24 hours a day with around 60 DJs, WMCN focused on what was then called "progressive rock, new wave, jazz and country-rock music."

Like many college radio stations, WMCN is limited only by our DJs' imaginations. Our programming consists of a broad spectrum of music - from independent record labels and artists to Top 40 - along with a spattering of talk, news, and announcements.

WMCN is a truly freeform broadcast. We have 66 unique weekly programs, each with its own host DJ[s] and theme. They determine the playlists for each broadcast of their own shows independently, with no need for approval from management and no "master list" to choose from. Since the majority of our listeners are Macalester students and Mac-Groveland residents, we try to provide a mix of genres proportional to their tastes, while representing as many genres as possible in the spirit of the liberal arts philisophy.



General Manager: John Kreitzberg
Programs Manager: Will Kent-Daggett
Communications Manager: Simona Zappas
Office Director: Noah Koch
Merchandise Director: Yoko Koide
Music Directors: Evan Anderson, Jacob Frank, Sam Landsberg, Nina Slesinger, Jesse Goldblum

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Office phone: 651-696-6082
Live request line: 651-696-6312

Stream a selection of archived shows on Mixcloud. To view playlists for all shows, check out the blog and its archive.


the will smith show
With Charlotte Martinkus '15. It might not be summertime, but you can still get jiggy wit it during the Will Smith Show, where you not only can enjoy the melodious masterpieces of the ever-so-talented Will Smith and artists like him, but also discover fascinating facts about him and his music. A show so good, even the Men in Black will pause their galaxy defending to listen.
mum's the word
Lyrics are ludicrous. With Isabel Leonard and Britrta Dornfeld.
10 boxing report
With Jeff Maddox. Boxing news updates results and interviews with the biggest names in boxing.
the score
With Rebecca Patton. So many things in life would be better with a soundtrack, so this show provides one.
A weekly sample of the freshest sounds in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. With Sam Faulkner '15.
whole earth radio
With Noah Westreich '14. Contemporary world music and talk.
picasso's guitarzzz
with Sam Landsberg '15.
i'm not a radio host, but i can play one on tv
With Ella Brakob and Amanda Zimmerman. Join Amanda and Ella to discover what makes TV tick. Every week, we will explore TV and movie history to review and discuss popular media from the past and today.
a tale of my patagonia
With Emily Diener. Sharing music inspired by a semester spent in Patagonia.
11 jazz (we've got)
Jazz and music it inspires, from the crates to the classics. With Jonathan McJunkin '14.
people get ready: the progression of soul
A motown/soul show investigating different record labels and the historical development of their productions. With Eli Liebman and Jeremy Drizin '15.
With John Kreitzberg '15.
With Anna Ruhland. Let GRRRLTYM3 take you on a musical trip throughout history. Feminist news and swingin' beats, of all generations, will be your DeLorean. Buckle up, cats, and get ready for the ryd3.
spring jazz
Jazz is creative while complex, personal as it is revolutionary, and simple yet global. Jazz is royalty, unparralleled. With Andrew Tuttle '15.
the short skirt long jackets
With Maddie Jaffe and Lucy Woychuk-Milinac. Formerly THE AFTER PARTY, our show is an auditory orgasm of ranging genres.
the feels
All the music that will give you the feels. For real. With Olivia Starkie '14.
12 On the record
With Sarah Rasmussen and Sasha Lansky. News from around the world and the music that takes you there.
project x: pina coladas in the rain
With Cami Neale and Zoya Haroon '15. Inspired by the indie film 'Project X' and the magical quality that Pina Coladas in the rain evokes.
kegels & bagels
Funky workout breakfast music. With Jennie Kim and Eura Chang '15.
dier show
Pop culture like you've never experienced before! With Reid Sato '14.
mac weekly news hour
With Sara Staszak and Anna Pinkrell.
this macalester life
Stories on stories on stories. Listen in! With Genevieve Miner and Lauren Holm.
We defeated the Brits at the Battle of Yorktown. Now we're stealing their music for our own purposes. With Rob Gelberg and Luke Allen '14.
1 let's make a movie
In Let's Make a Movie, we do just that...kind of. Each week, we'll attempt to turn a song into a movie and perform a scene from it at the end of the hour. Movie reviews and soundtracks included. With Ellen Washington.
With Sam Landsberg and Will Kent-Daggett '15.
dewitt wallace variety hour
The DeWitt Wallace library staff returns with music, on-air research therapy, witty banter, and more music. Nutritious and delicious. With Jesse Sawyer, Dave Collins, and Ginny Heinrich.
chicken soup
Chicken soup for the weary Mac soul. Blues, R&B, and Soul to chill to. With Maggie McKenna.
radio free hernandez
With Isaac Mathison-Bowie, Andrew Notaras, Jonathan Kamin-Allen.
From beyond the Pacific to across the Pond, from kpop to electroclash, AMPlitude imports the catchiest grooves and the cutting-edge sounds from around the world. Fresh talk included, assembly not required. With Lina Mistron, Mina Sheldon, and Carina Lei.
what a time to be alive
Playing songs that make you appreciate the life you're living #YOLO. With Tucker Stapelmann, Alexander Klopp, and Sam Olsen.
2 love cave
Feeling down? Come hang in the Love Cave for an hour of happy-go-lucky knee tappin' oldies and not so oldies. With Emma Soglin '16.
throwing things
With Evan Anderson '14.
Punk-ish tunes that will make you wanna scream/dance/shave yer head. With Rebecca Gans '14.
reel music
Explore film soundtracks ranging from those built around an original song to inspired compilations. With Jonah Schennum and Aron Thomas '15.
elephant talk
With Anne Sombor and Jonas Yela '14 .
peanut butter jelly time
Peanut Butter Jelly Time will be playing billboard hits, exotic tunes, relaxing rhythms, and throwback jams for people's pure enjoyment. With Stephanie Duong.
the b list
We watch horrible movies and make fun of them. With David Leipold, Alex Coppins, Tyler Skluzacek , Dan Yee.
3 cave kids
Not only will we be playing our favorite tunes of the week, specially selected by incredibly tasteful DJ's, Alejandro Perez will be confessing his deepest darkest secrets as DJ Blastin Baskin asks some very awkward questions. With Libie Motchan, Alejandro Perez, Ari Baskin, Karl Heinritz.
indie experiment
Each week, we focus on what we consider the best of some of the subgenres of indie, with special emphasis on artists who will be playing locally. With Amber Woodward and Dylan Smith.
the globe-trot
The world man. Shiiiiiiiiieet. With Sam Zieve and Hope Johnson.
An hour of exploration of danceable Latin grooves, this show will aid your discovery of old and new music in Spanish and Portuguese. With Georgia Gempler and Martine Cartier.
crab cake
Great tunes for all occasions! Grooving, snacking, bathing, shoveling-- we've got you covered! With Julia Sillen and Alizarin Menninga '14.
the idiot
Music is the purest expression of human emotion. Some of those emotions include: aggression, fear, ass-shaking, kicking habits, being broke, and really, really wishing you were that guy who got to be in The Fall for just one gig. With Alex Vega-Byrnes '12.
unfiltered beats
Featuring a different genre of dance music every week, Unfiltered Beats with DJs Dylan and Nate encompasses a wide range of electronic music, including both more popular and lesser-known acts.
4 in limbo
A show devoted to the adventure of escaping reality and opening our minds to a world of creativity, exploration and bewilderment. With Maddie Parmenter and Annie Shapiro.
Joe and Joey talk about the latest in music, news, and politics. Let's see what happens! With Joe Evers and Joey Frankl '14.
mac takes it back
Mac Takes it Back features music from classic rock to be-bop. Tune in to hear your parents' favorite jam. With Marissa Heim and Biz Dalke.
drainage from tenley tower
MUSIC FOR THE ALLEYS. With Alex Edelman.
50 lines
Explore the astounding variety of music coming out of the U.S. of A. With Emma Brooke-Davidson.
spectrum soundtrack
Sit back, relax, and listen as we explore all the colors of the rainbow. With Ted Toegel, Joe Tabet.
matt's mean girls
Mac's Mean Girls. Our Gossip. Your Demise. Well more like the celebs, but THEY CAN HEAR US. All the celebrity gossip you'll ever need to feel fulfilled. So fetch. With Matt Dehler '14.
5 yomille
With Yoko Koide and Camille Kasavan '14.
with David Clingman, Miles Margulies, Will Kent-Daggett '15.
bird club's pecking order
With Yoko Koide and Ryan Sparrow '14.
romantic comedy
With Nina Slesinger.
Missy and the Host Cow in a Juice Bar
We find music to fit our mood. We play that music. You listen to that music. Yay! With Demarro Reynolds and Ian Moore.
the daily piper live
We're going to have a different theme each week, such as Valentine's Day, Founder's Day, April Fool's, Ke$ha/Bieber Joint Birthday Bash, etc. and have relevant music, news, and jokes. We'll also talk about happenings from campus each week. With Charlie Birge and Evan Myers.
the sunny and 75 radio hour
Feel good music and news bites, brought to you by The DewKap Foundation Inc. With Jeff Kaplan and Maria Dewees '14.
6 vandross
With Evan Anderson and Jesse Goldblum '14.
cartoon cartoon
With Simona Zappas '15.
gud vibrations
With Noah Boswell and Maya Vilaplana '14.
jazzin' off
We spin classic and contemporary jazz for all of you hipcats out there. Hopefully we can swing it. With Mitch Petersen and Hank Hietala.
hash-slinging slashers
If you like electronic music and love Spongebob, then look no further. We'll be listening to a wide variety of electronic music and discussing the philosophical nature of this deep TV comedy from our childhoods. With Patrick Blomgren and Eleora-Sian Albala.
bad coffee
Good stuff all day, erryday. With Chris Herman and Erin Wiseman.
Connecting songs across space, time, style and mad libbed categories, Build-A-Genre will feature a specific curated mix of songs related to a unique genre never before heard. Fun, funky and fabulous, it's your only chance to hear these categories of tunes and inspire unique playlists that we guarantee no one else will have! With Arielle Lawson and Claire Sigelko.
7 infinite jeopardy
We bring the A(ryssa), the B(ailey) and the CATASTROPHE! Tune in for all the eccentrically named bands you've ever dreamed of... and much, much more! With Aryssa Burton and Mary Kennedy.
With Jesse Goldblum '14.
thoughts on thots
I THOT, therefore I am- René Desratchet. With David Lopez and Badhaftu Kadir.
my dinner with noah
With Noah Koch '14.
disco jr
Dance or die with Disco Jr. With Aron Thomas and Simon Sanggaard '15.
southside spotlight
Weekly artist profiles, covering everything from Kanye to Alesso. With Henry Whitehead.
spaghetti katz
We will try to play decent music and tell a few a puns and be funnyish. With Hannah Bonestroo, Olivia Wolf, Shannon Mahedy.
8 it's local somewhere
With Anne Sombor '14.
princess power hour
Better than Cafe Mac's froyo. With Allison Pilar, Julia Robinson.
Beatlover's pizza: we're both from brooklyn
Music from the past that should have stayed there. With Marina Weisburg and Hannah Johnson '14.
don't sweat the technique
Mitch P. and Wakin tackle the ever elusive genre of hip-hop, with its fresh hits and diverse roots.
Tune in to the hottest African radio show to hit the Macalester airwaves. From the house music born in the African South to the drums and afro-pop sounds that resonate from the East to the West. The radio station that will keep you on your feet and the radio on LOUD! With Ionnis Sophocleus, Francis Gwandu, John Sankara.
never meant
With Jacob Frank and Leo Kendrickson '16.
9 all that
Playing the hits, one hit wonders, and not-so-hits of the 90s. Tune in for an hour of nostalgia. With Chris Dicesare and Sean D'Amico.
live mixtapes dot com
Exploring the unique form, function and content of the rap mixtape. With Kyra Herning '14.
toonz with raynise
Whatever songs that a college twenty something thinks of. With Raynise Cange '14.
mind mischief
From Chapterhouse to Tame Impala, Mind Mischief will fuse the related genres of shoegaze and psychedelic rock to make for a truly kaleidoscopic listening experience. With Emily Bates.
the crypt
With Sierra Hinwood and Hannah Gemrich '15.
stompin grounds
Put on your boots and stomp around! Serving up enough house and techno to keep you on your grind. With Ivy Blake '17.
deep cuts with uncle joe
Do you like the Monks? Sonny Sharrock? Thee Oh Sees? Classic old school girl groups? Memphis sounds? Well, you will probably dig my program. Epic jams. Mind melting riffs. Throwback 50's R n B. My show celebrates labels like Stax/Volt, Chess, Impulse, Castle Face......and on and on into the cosmos. The underrated gets shine on my watch. With Joe Finck.
10 a-leg-grow music hour
Emotionally disarming classical music. With Zach Daus '15.
We will be sharing stories from our time at our time at Macalester and also embarking on weekly *no regret* adventures that we will candidly share on our show. With Kate Ibur and Dinesh Rathakrishnan.
redneck radio
Redneck Radio is going to be all about listening to country and talking some football. Also will have some guest appearances, and will mix it up from time to time with basketball. Wtih Eric Conner.
lords of thunder
Do you have an obsession with the satanic, Do you spend your spare time fighting dragons and trolls?, then welcome LORDS OF THÜNDER! into your mortal ears each ______ night and join in the liturgy of loud. With Andrew Hanson and Jonas Yela '14.
eclectic sheeplets
We gossip like old ladies and dance like we're twelve, so come listen to our lives, and the music from it, for an hour. With Lizzy Harte, Lauren Wakabayashi, Tilly Bartlet.
calling all chillers
Calling all Chillers takes listeners on a journey from the warm tropical vibes on a summer's day to the dark and damp tunes on a cold winter's night in February. With Nathan Schachtman '14.
the zoo
Dope new music, weird old music, puzzling commentary. The sound of 2014, frequency modulated and beamed straight to you. With Luc Bokor-Smith.
11 sxnw
Each week we'll feature music by artists from a different region of the country and/or world, brought to you by a Seattleite and a North Carolinian. With Hannah Wilson and Laura Humes.
mac city bangerz
Within our show we will play and discuss hip-hop, rap, and bangerz. Keep the mood upbeat for as long as the station will let us (or handle us). With Michael Blanchard, Trent Bohrmann, Tre Nowacyzynski.
the science alliance
Do you like science?! Do avoid Olin-Rice like the plague? Whether you're a BioChem double major or don't understand how to make ice cubes, this is the show for you!! Tune in for some science fun with the science alliance! With Michelle Coblens, Anna Winkler.
doobie bros radio
Your guide to up and coming hip hop and electronic music from around the world. The Doobie Bros are your one stop for hip hop and electronic shows in the St. Paul area. Tune in for great music and information on the best new music. With Aidan Cowan, Jake Meltzer.
rhythm in sync, rhymes on time
This show is for Hip Hop lovers. Music will range from the 80s to current and up and coming artists. With Emily Cavazos.
All kinds of good music and all kinds of fun. Don't tune out life, tune into FFSF. With Francisco.
word of the hour
An eclectic mix of genres and artists centered around a different word each week. With Nicole Emanuel, Lizzie Hutchens.
12 funking punk
Are you punk as a motherfunker? Tune into to Funking Punk for some funk, and some punk, and a great funking time. With Jon Riddle '16.
pop punk not pills
With Sweaty Sam Ludwig '15.
av mo
Hip Hop Don't Stop: We be bringing out what's new in the Hip Hop music industry as well as plenty of throwbacks. And... we'll be discussing the history and culture of American Hip Hop from the 1980s to where it is today. Check it. With Alexandra Villalon and Mo Samatar '14.
queer joke poetry
With Meg Reid and Laura Johnson.
infinite jest
Music so hip you have to go to Myspace to find it: a mix of current electronica and indie with a focus on dirty beats and male falsettos that you were embarrassed to listen to in middle school. With Alex Ropes and Trevor Maggart.


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Long Island Sound 10/21/2014

With Jesse Kling

Tinash: Feels Like Vegas

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Soft Shock

Broken Bells: After The Disco

Ella Fitzgerald: Don’t Be That Way

B.B. King: Into The Night

The Beatles: Good Morning Good Morning

La Roux: Armour Love

Real Numbers: Ordeal

The Beatles: Only A Northern Song

Grouplove: Ways To Go

Neutral Milk Hotel: King Of Carrot Flowers Part I

David Bowie: Ashes To Ashes

Bob Dylan: Ballad Of A Thin Man [Live]

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China Stuff with Jake and Karintha 10/21/2014

With Jake Speirs, Karintha Lowe

Grouplove, Xaphoon Jones Remix: Colours

Brown Eyed Girl: Van Morrison

Coldplay: Yellow

Eiffel 65: Blue (Da Ba Dee)-Radio Edit

Ameritiz : Black and Yellow

Alexi Murdoch: Orange Sky

Taylor Swift: Red

Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze

Headhunterz: Colors

Beyonce: Blue

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